Adam Weishaupt  and the Eye of Horus

If the incredible story in this one hundred year old book is true then it will change the way you think about the world forever.

Ride with Sebastian Drechsler, flawed freshman student at 1784’s Ingolstadt University, as he gallops through this rollicking conspiracy adventure. Under the watchful eye of eccentric Professor Van Halestrom he is trained to do battle with the infamous Bavarian Illuminati and its leader Adam Weishaupt who scheme to take over the world using debt, war and slavery to force mankind to succumb to the Luciferian doctrine plunging civilisation into darkness.

'With its footnotes, which turn into fascinating hypertext links on the e-book versions, historical intrigue, breathless excitement and a reluctant but hilariously sarcastic hero make Illuminati Hunter like Flashman on Crystal meth.' Ethan Harrison Republisher.