Adam Weishaupt  & The Eye of Horus

Heathcote Williams

Writer Poet Oxford 73

This is a wonderful and inspiring little book. Funny, exciting and wholeheartedly recommended. Come on Mr Harrison when are you going to 'republish' the next one. 10/10


Colin Suedhead

Entrepreneur Northampton 61

A promising title, belies the content of this fast paced novel, it has all the makings of a movie. True horror is here, think Da Vinci Code, with venom. The plot casts a sometime reluctant hero; a femme fatale; an unlikely "last minute" saviour; with an arch villain. Set in Bavaria, it isn't long before the reader is sucked into a real page turner. A bonus are the footnotes. Follow these and you will be led into the dark world of the illuminati. Beware, they may be watching! 9/10


Angela Coppenhall Darlington

Housewife 50 Crewe

1784's answer to 007. Exciting, humourous and extremely thought provoking. Couldn't put it down. It also made me go into the research of the subjects on wikipedia, Well interesting. Should be on the best sellers list. 10/10


Doug Francisco

Manager Loco Comedy Club 52 Bristol

Couldn't put it down! Right rollicking adventure through Bohemia and beyond! Fighting the good fight, shining a historical light bright back through the shadows of time!! 10/10


Joe Clark

Waste Analyst 42 Brighton

This is an historical roller coaster of a book. We are straightaway introduced to the hero Sebastian, a vain, feckless protagonist in the best picaresque tradition. He is a university student struggling to find his way in late 18th century Bavaria. In many ways, this is a book about him trying to find out who he is, whilst being confused and led by the nose by the influences of varied mysterious and political forces. We read about drunken friends, charismatic professors, and buxom maidens; all with hidden agendas and all set against a richly described and historically accurate background. What I most enjoyed about this book was the action-packed pacing, there are several excellent chase sequences vividly described in fast-moving and precise prose. At no point is the less-informed reader flummoxed by the accurate history portrayed, thanks to some well-placed annotations. There is more than a nod to George MacDonald Fraser here (no bad thing). Where Sebastian differs from MacDonald's Flashman is in his growth throughout the book, and his amusing fantasies of heroism. Without wishing to spoil anything I particularly enjoyed his interactions with the tersely dry servant Bacon. The Climax of the book keeps the reader turning the page, and there are more than a few surprises in store. All in all a fun and informative read that has the potential to build it's own mythology. I look forward to more Illuminati-hunting adventures. 8/10


John Lott

Author Poet Normandy France 72

Thoroughly enjoyable romp which rattled along at a terrific pace. Great humour and more than a suggestion of authenticity. Quite enough, in fact, to provoke serious thought because of what we know of history and what we still have to fear from it. 9/10


John Dineen

Assistant Manager Waterstones Brighton 34

'This book should be a global brand.' 10/10


Glenn Morgan

Carpenter 51 Crewkern

Great reading. Very exciting and lots of laughs all the way through. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a romping adventure. 9/10


Charlotte Griffiths

NHS Consultant 38 Northampton

Be prepared to suspend your belief. This cripplingly moreish book by Ethan T Harrison is disturbing, erudite and compelling. Deserved of one sitting. The concept is unprecedented and refreshingly intelligent. Ethan has an amazing vernacular and a broad oversight of independent ideology. 10/10


Master Sutherland

Tent erector 36 Hartlepool

This book was one of the most enjoyable reads I have had in a long time. From start to finish I was thoroughly amused by its brilliant whit and general absurdities. If a book can make you laugh to yourself as much as this one does then I say it’s a winner.

What is really noticeable is that it paints a great picture of the era it is set in whilst putting a modern spin on dialogue, so as to subtly say the protagonist Seb does not hold back in his anger and frustration, which helps you to really engage with both him and the other very more traditionally crafted characters like the highly amusing Halestrom.

What is also clever is it opens a window into real history and offers you the opportunity to do your own personal research into its depth. That being said it doesn’t take itself too seriously and its vividly engaging scenes allow you to easily slip into a rhythm unable to put it down.

I would strongly recommend you read this excellent tale and I’m eagerly anticipating the next instalment of Wundakinda’s adventures. 9/10


Julie Rice

Hypno Therapist 40 Sydney Australia

A rare find by Ethan Harrison of this astonishing book by Sebastian Dreschler.

It is so fast paced and brilliantly written that you do find yourself cantering through its pages both mesmerised and eager to explore its hidden depths.

This rite of passage of Sebastian Dreschler from college student to becoming the Illuminati hunter takes us into unchartered territory. Sometimes shocking and at times sexy and mysterious, you long for Sebastian to triumph and come together with his true love Francesca, as well as willing him on to defeat his evil lecturer.

Even though it was written in the 19th century it has a wit and humour that reflects the current age and mirrors the conspiracy by politicians and leaders we endure in the 21st century.

I would highly recommend this book. It is a most awesome tale! 10/10


Liz Hutchinson

Film media student 50 Wales

Seriously - Illuminati Hunter is a very enjoyable read, at times quite unputdownable, so I wouldn't recommend reading in the bath unless you like your water to go cold. 9/10


Aldyth Crowther

International Aid Consultant 58 Jarnac France

Through the device of a "found C18th manuscript" the reader is tipped into a exciting tale of secret societies, free thinkers and mad Bavarian castles and their owners. Just when you think the book is getting a bit thin on back story (inevitable, given the concept) you hit an internet link which ably fills in the gaps....clever!

The language, whilst seeming authentically period, is also compellingly fresh and contemporary. The numerous action scenes are so vividly described that they read like a Graphic Novel, but with no need for pictures. All of this makes the concept of a 250 year old book found and republished by Mr Harrison plausibly convincing.

The reluctant protagonist, more done to than doing, is an anti hero for our times...never funnier than when he is bitching about the circumstances in which he finds himself. All in all a jolly good read....I look forward to more from Ethan Harrison. 9/10


Margaret Barwell

Housewife Towcester

Quite a different book for me to read, firstly it was not the usual armchair, curled up by the fire book I usually read, however, having been given a copy by a good friend I thought I would give it a go! I found the story challenging, to me personally, it transcends time.

Who is our modern day Illuminati, and do we have Sebastian and his professor to help us out? Perhaps sometimes I would be one of the ' Illuminati', as I said challenging and not always comfortable. It's easy to understand why Ethan wished to republish this book, with it's amazing twists and turns and characters, and I was pleased I challenged myself.

I look forward to hearing more from Ethan, knowing this original story appealed to him I feel he must have another great book in him. 8/10



Kindle Reader London Bought on Amazon

Set against a background of 18th century Bavarian villages and hilltop castles with henchmen and secret societies, the book has the familiar feel of a hammer horror film. The characters and landscape are immediately recognisable because of this, and it is very easy to just enjoy the ride.

A proper page turner, I found I was reluctant to put it down until my eyelids started to close. Some of the scenes are a bit cliched, but in a clever way, with footnotes suggesting that the characters can be found in history and that some of them were the basis for literary heroes such as Dracula's professor Van Helsing.

There is a lot of tongue in cheek humour. Peppered with lines like 'My heart was beating like a Frenchman's fist on the door of his local brothel on pay day', I found myself chuckling often.

This is not the sort of book that will change your life or make you think deeply about the world, it is pure entertainment. 9/10


Jackie Glossop

Chairperson Board of School Governors 66 Hertfordshire UK (Amazon review)

I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent book. It was well written, great research, serious and funny. I am looking forward to the next in the series which I hope will come out soon. It was most entertaining and the detail of the background research was an added pleasure. It would make an excellent adventure film. Thank you. 10/10


Hasler Alicia

Office Assistant 23 Bedford

Bloody amazing book! So glad I found this on Facebook!!! 10/10



Editor International Times Oxford

Thanks to Heathcote Williams and Ethan Harrison for getting this book to me. Without doubt one of the most gripping and important books I've ever read. If you want to know about politics, who runs the world, the early history of those who run the world and their truly dark, sinister and powerful agenda, this will tell all. For a book written in the 1700s, this is unnervingly current. An education which will shine a light on humanity’s current dilemmas and crises, and it’s our duty, as human beings, to become informed. Don’t read any other books, cut to the chase, read this. 10/10.


Abbey Stewart

Bookshop Assistant 25 Bude Cornwall

I imagine the junk shop that Ethan Harrison stumbled upon the ‘Illuminati Hunter’ to be a labyrinth of large, dark rooms. Trinkets and tools, odds and ends, stacks of books ten feet tall; thick, musty books stoically balanced. In the corner of the most jumbled room, a smooth veiling of dust is revealed by a beam of sun bursting through a very small window; a beam that just happens to land on a ravaged copy of ‘Illuminati Hunter’. ‘Illuminati Hunter’ was first published in 1913 and received little or no attention. I sincerely hope that the republished version that Harrison instigated does not suffer the same abject life. Besides, it seems terribly poetic for Harrison to have stumbled upon the ‘Illuminati Hunter’ almost 100 years after it’s first publication.

If Dreschler is to be believed, his memoirs that formulate this beguiling story are recorded in 1852 and he specifically did not wish for them to reach the public until a date much further in the future. Our hero, Sebastian Dreschler is as tawdry as he is bashful. An uninspired student at Inglostadt University, he finds himself thrown into the wanton, blood and power thirsty world of cults. There are sacrifices, there are orgies and there is, of course, an alluring woman to whom Dreschler is insatiably drawn. Harrison, whose footnotes provide a seducing argument for the memoir’s authenticity, has dedicatedly researched the history of the ‘Illuminati Hunter’. Even so, if this fantastical story doesn’t quite ring true with you I cannot believe that any reader would love it any the less; it is a wondrous, absurd, laugh-out-loud funny book, which for me, is a rare thing to find.

But I shan’t tell you anymore, I am always cautious of reading a blurb of a book let alone a review, supposing the succulent secrets might be let slip, so let me end with this. The ‘Illuminati Hunter’ is not just intriguing it is also hilarious. Reading the ‘Illuminati Hunter’ breathes new life into an avid readers collection and undoubtedly entertains even the most ‘non’ of non-readers. I urge you to read this book. 9/10


Gary Mallard

Event Organiser 49 Moscow Russia Гэри Моллард

First and foremost Illuminati Hunter is a great book, a real page-turner. Entertaining and funny. I liked the way i mixed in some obscure historical facts into the plot and hinted at the dark forces that still control our lives today. However, I think the mythical, original author of the piece, Mr Drechslar (sp?) needs to do a bit more research into exactly what and who he is fighting. It made me think laugh and entertained me. Can't say fairer than that. Highly recommended. 8/10


Sam Riley

Drummer 34 Brighton 9/10

"Who needs Holden Caulfield when you can experience Sebastian Dreshler’s life at University!? Far from being a probable pessimistic, cynical view of the world purely via conspiracy theories that a current day Holden Caulfield may have spoken of, the republished ‘Illuminati Hunter: Adam Weishaupt and the Eye of Horns’ was a very touching, romantic and inspiring read. Whether you believe the tale to be true or not, Dreshler’s journey to becoming a more rounded individual whilst being honest, witty and questioning of everything that unfolds in front of him is very believable and endearing.

Via the original translation and footnotes ‘Illuminati Hunter’ is a very modern, poignant experience that you don’t need to be a qualified professor in history, politics, religion etc to enjoy. This reviewer’s only criticism is that the amount of dramatic battles, escapes & chase scenes become a bit warring after a while. Whether you enjoy historical rollicking adventures or not there is, however, a deeper thread to the book which suggests something greater. Although Dreshler’s exists in less secular times it is the debate over one’s place in the world, space and time that is most thought provoking despite his references to God, evil and being a church going Christian. The feeling that you can educate yourself and share experiences, skills and knowledge with others has a positive effect on the reader. Dreshler’s curious, benign colleagues joint together in their fight against The Illuminati, mentored and led by the charismatic Professor Van Halestrom help you believe that believing in something righteously true and trying to change life for the better is not such a lonely path after all.

In the final footnote Harrison suggests, 'if one looks hard enough then it is possible to find the whiff of a conspiracy anywhere.' Whether you believe the world is ultimately destined for calamity helped on a ruling elite the book looks further and suggests a certain spirit, greatness about evolving as individuals that is comforting despite human being’s relative short existence. you are reminded that there is an enjoyment to analysis of all matter of subjects and that this should never be frowned upon and can be an individual or collectively fantastic experience and of great use. The poem quotation in the final chapter concludes in an elucide light and seems to confirm an idea that through individual actions you can have a greater influence of something shared or timeless that is good, natural and will not and never be a waste of time." 9/10


Vince Majors

Window Installer 48 Northampton

I've just finished this great book. The author really had me going there. I thought it was all real but then I realised that Necromancer never existed and there was no original book. Brilliant. Loads of adventure, funny and exciting, kept my guessing right until the end. Can't wait for the next one. What more can I say. It's a winner that everyone will like. 9/10


Joe Pengilley

Youth Worker 38 Easton Bristol

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, a riveting ride into the life of Sebastian Drechsler, the 18th century hero. I followed his adventures with interest and the dry commentary gave me several laugh out loud moments. An accomplished first book which was well researched and pretty gripping. 7/10 (it's not the type of book I'd normally go for at all, as I like enjoy in depth character portrayal over adventure so 7/10 is bloody good from me!)


Richie Heard

Life Guard 26 North Devon

I borrowed the book to go travelling with. I'm not a big reader but I read it in about four days! I absolutely loved it. Found in a second hand book shop... The history to it... The adventure... The suggestion of it actually being a true account of events. I like to believe that its a true account of early Illuminati hunting! I'm sold. Great work on the footnotes... Not too much, just enough to suggest what the reader wants to believe. Great work! I can see this book becoming very popular! Where's the next one??? 10/10


Charlie Hutchinson

Student 18 Wales

This is quite simply one of the best books I have ever read, much better than Harry Potter, its got as much action as die hard, and is a total thrillcoaster of a book. The characters are all wicked, and when you think you’ve got them worked out POW, something else unexpected happens. If you haven’t read this book, get it, you will most certainly be glad you did. 10/10


Chaitanya Estrella

Music Promoter 34 New Mexico

I read this book on the plane back to the US from England. When I touched down six hours later I couldn't remember anything of the flight because I had been so excited, intrigued, terrified, amused, compelled to finish and totally immersed in the incredible world of Sebastian Drechsler and his adventures. What a ride. Two days later I had the pleasure of watching my wife sit down with a pot of coffee and read it in a day knowing exactly what she was gasping and laughing at it. She loved it too. We would recommend it to anyone. Awesome reading 20/20.


Russell Heyworth

Media and Film Lecturer 48 Northampton College of Further Education

Brilliant! A real page turner. My lodger bought one at the same time but his son stole it off him which is the best compliment. Where's the next one? 9/10


Rebecca David.

Computer Programmer 49 France

It's one of those books that's hard to put down. Thoroughly enjoyable and intriguing at the same time. The links to historical fact gives food for thought. Highly recommended. I'm looking forward to the next one! 9/10


Jason Summers

Freelance journalist 37 Bristol

A fantastic boys own ripping yarn packed with edge of the seat excitement, laugh out loud humour, a host of lovable characters, some of the best chase sequences you'll ever read and though at some points gruesomely violent a morality that will resonate with modern minds. Illuminati Hunter literally has it all. It is hard not to think as your reading that it would make a brilliant film but it doesn't have to because it makes an even better one in your head. Simply fantastic entertainment. 10/10


Yvette Bailey

Head Mistress 44 Holmfirth

A fascinating read, difficult to put down as the action just never stops. Highly recommended. I am a big fan of William Boyd but Illuminati Hunter was more compelling than his attempt at James Bond. 9/10


Robin De Malvy

Retired Civil Engineer 72 France

For anyone who wants to read a rollicking, roistering adventure story that leaves you on the edge of you seat at the end of every chapter this is the book for you. With an all too human hero who wisecracks in his most desperate moments, a truly gutsy heroine, who also happens to be drop-dead gorgeous, and a wise university professor who deploys his super intelligence and fiendish array of weapons against the evil Illuminati with, not to mention their evil adversary, Adam Weishaupt and many other interesting characters, you are carried through eighteenth century Bavaria at a scorching pace. The same pace, indeed, at which you are compelled to read this great tale. 8/10


Alex Novac

Managing Director Spiral Archive Records 49 Northampton

A Teutonic 'Indiana Jones' roller-coaster ride imbued with occult blood lust via dark humour (a nod to R. Polanski's - 'Vampire Hunters')... Carry on Crowley anyone..? You may perceive the flesh as weak but the skeleton of references as titanium, they lead to more levels... and your own route of discovery... open your eyes and let this book illuminate your way... 10/10


Paul Faulkner

Musician/DJ/Truck Driver 45 Northampton.

The author promised an action packed adventure and that was exactly what the book delivered. An excellent historical yarn. I particularly enjoyed the way the story swung from \\\"all is going to be great\\\" to \\\"all is going really shit/// within just a paragraph. Although as we read at the start of the book that he dictated his story many years later before his death, I kept expecting him to die and that's a sign of great story telling. Sprinkled with quotes that made me laugh out loud. This book would make a brilliant movie. 9/10


Pat Jones

Dr.(ret) 74 Saddleworth Lancs

This book is an excellent mixture of Flashman and a comic strip. The hero manages to leap from the \\\"frying pan into the fire\\\" in a series of fast moving situations that will leave you breathless. It's ingenious, exciting, humourous and warm hearted. Also it's clever footnotes help the reader identify some of the facts and places and give it another dimension. I read it on a kindle and it was wonderful to be able to read about the characters in the story on the internet as I went along. I give it a very worthy 8/10


Frag Ginbey

Author 40 Brighton

As a writer myself, my initial thought when I found this book was 'why the hell didn't I think of this?!' What an incredible idea - a university professor, and his young protege, go off to save the world from the evil Illuminati. My second thought was 'this better not be some David Icke wafting flat arsed brigade that spends two hundred pages navigating the canals of its own arse.' Worry not. This is a rollocking romp through the eighteenth century that makes Dan Brown seem like Father Brown. Predating off the fervour of modern day conspiracies, and tracing them back to their roots, the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati, Ethan Harrison has succeeded in marrying recorded history (complete with hyperlinks to relevant wiki articles) with the pace, vigour, and downright raunchiness of a 21st century page turner. Oh, and did I mention that it's bloody hilarious? Brilliant! 9/10


Carol De Malvy

Housewife 69France

I don't know how many times I've read this story in its various forms but it's a lot. I've just read it again in book form and, apart from seeing mistakes that we missed (why are they so much more obvious when in the final print?) I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I like the characters, the humour, the excitement and the underlying message.


Gregg Bull

National Hospitals Consultancy agency 48 Northampton

A wise man once told me that reading a good book was like having an old friend waiting for you at home to welcome you after your day’s exertions. And maybe more like a dog than a human as dogs tend to give unconditional love, whereas humans are much more fickle. Illuminati Hunter is this kind of book. It is an old fashioned ripping yarn with elements of Flashman, Blackadder, James Bond and Monty Python all thrown together and mixed sympathetically. It made me smile in plenty of places and for all the right reasons. The action is well paced and well described and it also gives the reader a real sense of what late 18th century Bavaria was like. Or at least it hoodwinks you into thinking it does. I found myself looking forward to reading each chapter to find out what would happen next – in a kind of “Boys Own” way. Plenty of chapters end on cliffhangers and encourage you to read on. The historical research into the background is presented well, and the footnotes only give more depth to the narrative. The concept of underlying conspiracy theory is handled well and the general tone of the novel is light, making it very readable. I was whisked away on an adventure by Ethan Harrison who deserves plenty of praise for producing this tome for us. I cant wait for the next novel in this series. It’s a great read. Marks 8/10


Sophia Woodcraft

Wig maker 32 Bristol

Jam packed with excitement, intrigue, brilliant humor and riveting relationships, Illuminati Hunter is thoroughly captivating. A definite 10/10!


Vicky Wynn

Festival organiser 26 Cheltenham

Gripping subject matter, intriguing and funny. Enjoyable just as fiction but makes you want to get stuck in to all the historical truths and coincidences and investigate for yourself. A great read and very, very much worth checking out. 9/10


Jonah Kinross

Renewable energy technician 32 Bristol

Sebastian Dreschsler comes abseiling in through the windows of your consciousness with a mighty crash. He runs riot with your conception of history, and modern socio-economic affairs and leaves you totally breathless then begins again! For rollicking, thrilling adventure this will simply kick the shit out of everything else on the shelves! 9/10


Henry Makow PHD

Author Conspiracy Theorist Campaigner 64 Canada

This book has a very interesting perspective. 9/10


Abigail Jones

Mother 32 Devon

Illuminati Hunter was compulsive reading from the first page. I thought I did not have time to read but I made time as I could not wait to find out what happened next. I just could not stop reading it! I took every opportunity to slip back into the world of Ingolstadt University and to ride with Sebastian and The Professor on their adventures. Exciting, engaging, enticing, hilarious, ridiculous, revolting, momentarily infuriating even- it just goes to show how absorbed I was; I felt every twist and turn as though I was there and reacted emotionally. It felt like a 'guilty pleasure' but it was much more satisfying than that; being based on real history, it was very educational too! And relevant today with so much talk of this mysterious secret society having influence over our history in the making. I highly recommend this enjoyable, historical romp to every adult. It should be translated into every language and be the next worldwide bestseller! I can't wait for the next book in the series. For all those things I give it a nine. (You wouldn't expect me to say ten would you?)